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What is tamilrockers forum?

The word tamilrockers appears several times in the google search box, the reason behind it is it publishes almost every Tamil movies in Blueray, HD, DVDrip formats in online immediately the film releases in theaters. Sometimes they are uploading movies online on the day of releasing in theaters.

Other than Tamil movies they are also publishing dubbed Movies, Malayalam Movies, Telugu Movies, Hindi Movies, Television shows, Video songs, short films etc. As the tamilrockers website gives free access to all these paid stuffs it attracts more users every day.


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How they publishes full movies online?

Tamilrockers admins / network record the movies in theaters, then they create torrent file of movies and uploading it to torrent website finally they are giving torrent link in their tamilrockers forum website. They publish movies in several types and several file sizes so that user can download appropriate file depending upon their internet speed. They publishes in formats such as HD, DVD etc. They may have volunteers for getting the Movie prints or they may pay money for getting pirated materials from sources, But still it is untraceable that how they get good quality videos, in which country theater they are recording the films and so on.

Is it legal?

Both uploading and publishing a copyrighted material on websites and downloading a copyrighted material from a website is not legal in India, no matter copyrighted material is in which format it may be a media file or a software or document etc. so it is not legal.

  • Telecommunication Department of india has blocked tamilrockers website several times But whenever its domain is blocked by the Indian Govt they come with a different domain extension. They have used several extensions so far such as .com, .co, .cm, .pm, .to, .cc, .nz .la etc
  • Though various Tamilrockers domain are blocked by Govt still it receives traffic because visitors uses VPN and proxies for accessing the site and bypassing the block.

Why tamilrockers admins are not still arrested?

Tamil cinema industry and cyber cell department of India are taking various steps for finding admins of these websites But still they were not located or arrested because they are working anonymously. Main problem is they may be uploading the films and maintaining servers outside of india that so process is bit difficult to trace them. But once their location is identified Govt will take appropriate actions against them. Anti-piracy Team also tries to suspend the ad servers of this website as per the news online news they are working hard for eliminating the site.

Will they get revenue for publishing Movies online?

Yes they generate huge revenue with the help of their tamilrockers portal as the website receive millions of hits every month, they are using click pop up ads, banner ads from various ad companies which helps them to generate revenue , pay for servers and maintaining the website. This website has alexa ranking under 600 and receives traffic mainly from India, UAE, Qatar, srilanka etc.

There are lot of accounts working in the name “Tamilrockers” in social media websites like facebook and twitter, there is no clue about which is the official social media names of these network, No matter whether it is Big budget movie or Small Budget Movie or any hero movie they are uploading it everything , so it is a big head ache for the film industry.

About Tamilrockers – 2019 forum


Name of the Owner: Unknown

Country of operating: Unknown

Site url: Tamilrockers ( Domain extension keep on changing )

Site Software: invision power board



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