Tamilrockers Mp3 songs

Tamilrockers Mp3 songs : yes Tamilrockers also upload music in formats mp3, Various tamil song collections are posted in the forum of the site, They are posted under the topic called “Tamil Music center”. They are giving collection of all tamil popular artists in various music clarity like 250 kbps, 320kbps etc. They have pinned the important collections at the top of the website so that users can find them very easily.

Tamilrockers Mp3 files are also uploaded in torrent format as like all other files, Other than artist collections, they are also posting films wise latest songs, album songs, etc which are popular around the internet.

As like uploading a new movie on a public website is illegal publishing copyrighted music are also illegal. so DMCA complaint is registered against several websites which are sharing, hosting the mp3 files by the appropriate persons. Once a DMCA complaint registered against a website on google, it will check that sites and remove those urls from google search results.

But though sites like tamilrockers are removed from google search results after a DMCA complaint they receive huge amount of traffic because it receives direct traffic mostly, so even tamilrockers regular users search it on google they search like “tamilrockers mp3 songs”, “tamilrockers mp3 songs download 2018” etc.

Every time when tamilrockers change its domain it receive DMCA complaint on google with few days or months once the site gets popular , also blocked by internet service providers But it doesn’t effects the traffic or viewers of the TR website in anyway. Because visitors are still able to access the website with the help of proxies, vpn, mirror websites etc

During every film release tamilrockers forum receive huge traffic for downloading that movie, with the help of that they are getting huge earnings, But the the film producers are getting losses which will result in loss of good films coming to industry, because they will fear to release their project even they have quality product so lets make a decision to say no to piracy and stop using these websites.

Still there are websites online which are publishing licensed songs which allows to play the mp3 songs online and also allows to download them, those websites don’t have any issues. Now a days Almost every mp3 songs are uploaded in youtube by the appropriate owners very quickly after the audio release.

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