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There is a huge fan base available for Hollywood dubbed movies, like how users enjoying the regional movies they also liking dubbed movies very much also They also have good market in India so most Popular Big movies are dubbed in indian languages like tamil, telugu, kannada, Hindi, Malayalam etc then it is released in Tamil theatres. English language version of the movie is also gets releasing in theatres but depending upon wishes they are choosing the Dubbed or English language version shows. In this page you can get details of all upcoming and latest Dubbed Movies 2018, incase if you love these kind of films you can make bookmark this page or keep on visiting it.

Hollywood movies 2018  (Upcoming Movies)

Films Release Dates
Insidious the Last Key    (Horror film) 05/01/2018 – Friday
The Post (Thriller) 12/01/2018 – Friday
Maze Runer Death Cure (Science fiction) 26 /01/2018 – Friday
Fifty Shades Freed (Romantic Drama) 09/02/2018 – Friday
Black Panther (Super hero) 16/02/2018 – Friday


We update the above list frequently so that you can get informed about all the new movies that are about to release in india or worldwide from Hollywood Industry.  Sometimes schedule may get postponed or changed depending upon various factors, we will also update them in list once we get notified about it.

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Why dubbed Movies are Popular in India?

The dubbed movies are popular among indian film viewers because they have different story line which gives new aroma for the viewers, Hollywood movies have best VFX, screenplay, animation etc As Hollywood movies are created with big budgets, good story lines and more sources they have good response in indian markets. Sometimes they are also releasing it first in India.

Most Indian films are based on local stories and Love based, there are exceptions but not much so youth are enjoying Hollywood or Tamil, Hindi , kannada, telugu or any other indian language dubbed Hollywood movies like the indian movies. Hollywood have given lot of Megahit movies in india like Avatar, Jurasic world, Life of Pi, The jungle Book etc

But Hollywood movies will not be released in more theaters like Indian movies because it won’t attract all category / class audience , due to this More audience are choosing the online sources for Hollywood movies , though it is updated in torrent sites and sites like tamilrockers it is a pirated version so it is against law.

Piracy is not only a big issue in india it is a major problem in Hollywood, films are leaked out in torrent websites very faster Even in HD format than Indian websites there. lot of users are downloading latest Dubbed movies from torrent websites or watch it directly through various websites that are publishing pirated materials But it is not legal.


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