Tamilrockers Telugu Movies

Tamilrockers Telugu is the popular portal of publishing telugu pirated movies online, where visitors downloads new telugu Movies and other videos. At first Tamilrockers started publishing the Tamil movies in online as torrent and gained some traffic due to that. So they also Publish Telugu Movies immediately after the movies are released are in theatres. Now a days they are trying to update all the films on the day of release or within one or two days after the release. Tollywood film industry also suffering a lot because of them.

Still there were no information about how tamilrockers recording all latest Telugu movies and release it online as soon as the films are released in theatres, They are also releasing it in good prints with almost equal to the original quality cyber cell team is still struggling to know how they are getting HD recordings and the way to block them.

Few months before Tamilnadu police arrested some persons from Coimbatore who were doubted as Tamilrockers members but it didn’t stopped the regular updating of Movies online in any way. Cyber cell can completely shut down the website only when they arrest key peoples who are considered as admins of that site. Else this process will continues like a chain that whenever DOT blocks their urls they will create a new domain with different extension and they run site as before without any flaws.

Also this site receive traffic worldwide so even it is blocked in India it is still accessible for other country users and also who are IPs other than India. Even in India also it is accessible with various techniques.

Tamilrockers Telugu Movies portal posts files like videos , songs, full movies etc all of them are shown in their forum . This website don’t have options for playing the files directly they are just giving every files as torrent so that users can download it with the help of torrent clients like bittorrent, utorrent etc.

Now a days film industries are running a separate team for stopping piracy websites like tamilrockers and removing these kind of urls from the google search results by registering DMCA complaints against them. They are also working day and night for tracing the site owners of these websites, they are also concentrating to block their revenue sharing programs so that they can reduce the income of that sites. All the piracy websites are working mainly for generating revenue with the help of huge traffic they receive for downloading movies.

If you are against piracy just stop using these kind of website it will reduce their income slowly and finally Piracy website owners will the leave their sites. In addition to this downloading and watching a pirated movies without the proper permission from owners are illegal in india so lets follow the rules of our country and support #saynotopiracy.

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