Tamilrockers Torrent

Tamilrockers Torrent:

The format in which Tamilrockers publish Movies to its users for download is torrent, main reason for this is users can download Big files in torrents easily without any issues.

So all latest piracy movies published by this website are downloadable as torrent file, After downloading the torrent or copying the Magnet links, users uses torrent softwares for downloading the original media files.

Downloading the big files directly from a server is not successful always if you have unstable internet connection, but it won’t happen with torrent mostly, because when internet disconnects or not stable while downloading you will not get any download error and you can resume it when the internet becomes stable.

Torrent is a good way for downloading big files but unfortunately it is mostly used for downloading pirated media files and software now a days.

Through Tamilrockers Torrent they publish Movies, Videos and songs from the recently released films and also from the old films which are popular among users. Every torrent files are posted in their forum threads and it receives comments and replies from users. This is common for all language movies and dubbed films.

Film Producers are saying that Because of this TR Network film industry business is much effected, because movies released in theatres will get good collection mostly in first 3 or 4 days, But tamilrockers is publishing films online within few hours of first show shown in theatres. Due to this users are downloading it with the help of their smartphone or from a computer and watching it at any place just for free only they are spending for their internet cost.

Due to this problem even good films are also facing losses, though they work hard to give a decent or good films at the end of the day they are not getting appropriate benefit from it. This is the reason they are strictly opposing the Tamilrockers and other Pirated Movies websites during every film releases, press meets , interviews etc .

Now a days situations are also in favour of pirate website like tamilrockers because film ticket rates has been increased and also Availability of 4G internet services at lower cost is also an added advantage for them, Here we are not saying this to support those kind of new movies online publishing websites we are just giving this in a film viewers point of view. However online piracy is an illegal one it should not be supported any cost.